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Sicili Clan

Made by families, for families

At Sicili Clan, we love wearing outfits that we can coordinate with our friends and family.

That is how our brand came to be; to express the ties that exist between us, that are invisible and yet so strong.

Sicili Clan

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Alice & Chloé

We are Chloé and Alice, founders of Sicili Clan. We have been friends since childhood, and today we are joining forces to launch an eco-responsible family wear brand with commitments that are dear to us.

Our core values come from Sicily. A place where we speak loudly, where we love each other through thick and thin, where the family is big, where each of us belongs to a whole that both surpasses and transcends us.

It this tradition that our project is part of, with the aim of creating a line of clothing for the birds of a feather who flock together.

From 3 to 103 years old, boys, girls, men and women. For you, for yours, for your clan.

For you, for yours, for your clan


As the granddaughter of a fashion designer, have been immersed in fashion for as long as can remember. Mother of two children and a manager in the financial sector, I now want to return to my roots to design and market our first range of family wear.


I work in luxury marketing and I am passionate about the environment. and sustainable development. These are the ethical issues that led me to embark on the path of slow fashion.