L’avventura italiana

Thanks to all of you making our crowdfunding campaign on Ulule a success, the Sicili Clan project is making good progress! So off we went to Tuscany to start the production of our very first collection. With 130% of our goal reached, we brought back some nice surprises in our suitcases… Let us tell you all about it.

With our PCR tests in hand, we left for Tuscany last week to finalise the last details before the production of our clothing line begins.

Our crowdfunding campaign having been oversubscribed, we had a surplus of funds that we wanted to put to good use for the benefit of our very first customers. We were able to add one colour to our collection: the timeless camel. One more opportunity to match outfits with and enjoy. 

Then came the final technical adjustments: a few centimetres to be added to the Bermuda shorts, adjustment of the neckline of the dress, positioning of each label, etc. We went through everything with a fine-tooth comb. Nothing must be left to chance.

So, after a few days of work with our Italian team, we are happy to announce that within six weeks, our collection will be a dream come true!

By, the way, have you ever wondered how we go from a roll of fabric to a dress? It is a long and complex process. Bringing it to light makes our eco-responsible approach even more meaningful:

First, the designer draws the model in collaboration with the pattern maker, who edits the patterns (these are the plans of the dress). The sizes are defined and the first tests are carried out to make the necessary adjustments.

The roll of raw linen comes into play. It is first printed (if the model has a print), then each piece is cut according to the pattern and assembled by the seamstresses.

Once assembled and sewn, the dress is born. It can now be dyed, then washed and ironed.

All that remains is to deliver it to the final consumer, who we hope will take great care of it, wear it for a long time and spend wonderful moments in the dress and with her clan!

To follow the progress of our project, let’s stay connected via Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. See you soon for the next episode of our adventure.