Partnership #3: Place aux Enchanteurs X Sicili Clan

The Clan is expanding with a new partnership: Place aux Enchanteurs, a new platform that promotes video-interviews and photo-testimonials, presents Sicili Clan.

Myriam from Place aux Enchanteurs shares the values of Sicili Clan, in particular those of sharing and mutual aid. We are delighted to be associated with this beautiful project which promotes the human perspective and gives a voice to passionate people, to enchanters. 

By means of video-interviews, Place aux Enchanteurs presents individuals whose activity centres on life and living. Video is an increasingly important communication tool in today’s world and Place aux Enchanteurs uses it as a positive and human tool to bring enchanters together on the same platform.

This new project already includes, among others, an organic wine brand, an independent bulk grocery shop and of course our brand of eco-friendly clothing for the whole family.

Discover Sicili Clan by Place aux Enchanteurs:

Thank you to Place aux Enchanteurs for this wonderful moment and their beautiful production work. You can follow the adventures of Place aux Enchanteurs on their website and you can contact Myriam if you also want to join this touching and unifying project.